YP The Prophet is a 28 year old rapper hailing from Washington, DC.

He first began creating music at the age of 10. Music was an outlet to him throughout his childhood where he was able to channel out any of his negative energy. Quoted in an interview, “changing negative energy into a form of something positive. Thinking of photography before the digital age you would have to develop a negative to get a vibrant photo”.

YP began to take music seriously around the age of 20. He has developed a universal style, not staying loyal to a single genre. However he enjoys creating under the Hip-Hop, Soul R&B, Pop, and Dance Hall genres.

His most successful track is titled “10.21.92”. It has been featured on over 4 national radio stations. YP has performed the track in numerous places across the country and receives positive feedback everywhere. Quoted in an interview, “That song is my life put in perspective. As artists we make music for the world. I wanted to give my fans a look at my life without the glamor being catchy or trendy”.

YP The Prophet is inspired by several artists including Nas, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, and Beenie Man. Along with making music, he also has a platform for other creatives. He created “Beat Roulette” where they travel to different cities and perform live. Starting with a simple beat and evolving into a full fledged concert. More information about the next episode of Beat Roulette has been posted to YP’s personal Instagram page.

IG: yptheprophet