Meet Darrin Cox, also known by his stage name Diff’rence, who is a recording artist hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Diff’rence first began creating music after a friend of his had asked him to be a “hype man” at a show in the middle of the “Golden Era”. The same friend later on introduced him to someone who stared a group called “Interphase”. Later on Diff’rence started a small imprint named “Phonic Blizz Records” before taking a break from music.

Diff’rence music style is described as “Boom bap” or “Boom trap”. He approaches music with an artistic perspective when it comes to writing lyrics and recording his work. His most successful tracks to date are titled “A Love Story”, “Listen”, and “Breaking O’s”.

Diff’rence is inspired by the entire culture of Hip Hop, including several different artists and genres of music. He is in the beginning stages of working with an artist who makes music under the R&B genre, along with some producers. Diff’rence is an artist to be on the lookout for in the near future.

IG: diffrenc3