Reanna Morris, also known by her stage name Blue Da Artist, is a 26 year old artist hailing from Oklahoma City.

She spent the majority of her childhood living in Oklahoma before she had to move to Georgia against her will. Personal family life issues were to blame for these events, but it didn’t stop her from becoming an aspiring artist. After living with her Aunt for a year, she began a new life in Georgia around 2010.

Blue Da Artist began creating music during year 2009, while she was still living in Oklahoma City. It was a group of 4 artists, with 3 singers and 1 rapper. With the help of her Aunt, they were just getting started with their careers. However due to the unfortunate events, the group was broken up after Blue and her sister made the move to Georgia.

After arriving to Georgia, Blue was initially a singer. Her mother set up a studio downstairs, and she began writing and recording music. Blue became pregnant with her first child, Kadyn, back in 2011. At the time her focus was shifted from music to fulfilling her new role as a mother. It wouldn’t be until 2018 that she would finally re-enter the music scene. However this time she was coming at it with a whole new style.

During these times, Blue was feeling painful emotions. She went from singing to rapping in order to express these new emotions. She proceeded to write her first song titled “Beautiful Struggle” which was included on her first mixtape titled “The Beginning”. She has been an independent artist ever since, writing and recording everything herself.

Blue attended the Atlanta institute of music in 2019, where she would gain the professional skills to record music. Today she has a studio built into her home, where she continues her craft. Currently her most successful track is titled “The Queen”. Quoted in an interview, “It’s not my favorite track but people love it”. She also owns two publishing companies, Unlimited Iconz and Unlimited Iconz worldwide publishing.

This is just the start for Blue Da Artist, there is a lot in store for her future. Lastly she mentioned in an interview, “I plan to get all of my coins and be able to do everything myself but also be able to help other artist find their way and help them distribute their music. I plan to be a label one day”.

IG: blue_daartist