Aaron Normoyle, also known by his stage name PikeTheRapper, who is a 22 year old recording artist hailing from Long Island, New York.

Aaron first began rapping at the age of 10. Around the age 14 he started recording his lyrics and putting out his work. He remembers making remixes on his phone alongside his brother Lil Mutt. After gaining more experience they found the connections to start working in a studio.

Aaron creates music under the Hip Hop and Rap genres. His most successful track to date is titled “What If” which he received lots of positive feedback from others who heard it. There are several notable artists whom inspire him, some of which include Drake, DJ Khaled, Jadakiss, and Big L.

A note from the artist: I highly advise everybody, regardless of any situation or environment they’re in, ALWAYS TAKE THE RISK. Anything you might hesitate on, anything you think “maybe I should”, do it. Ask that girl out. Make that new beat make that new track. Get up early and go for that run you said you’d go on. This goes for any occupation or life situations. Nike put it simply “just do it”. PLEASE, just do it.

IG: piketherapper